Basic Home Buying Process

1. Get Pre-Approved through your Mortgage Lender - Before you begin your home search you should get pre-approved from a mortgage lender. 

2. Finding your Dream Home – Make an account at and search for your dream home! Call Team Starkey to set-up a showing and start touring homes

3. Making an Offer-  Now that you have found your dream home, let’s make an offer! Team Starkey will work with you to give the best offer regarding market conditions and true value of the home.  

4. Your Offer Got Accepted!  Now it’s time to inspect the home to make sure it is a sound investment.  Start the process of finding home insurance.  Find a Title attorney to start title work on the property (checking the deed, restrictions of use, etc.).

5. Home Inspection - The home inspection will reveal any potential issues with the home and will give you a basic understanding of the home.  If there are condition concerns Team Starkey will re-negotiate the offer to include how to rectify these issues.

6. Appraisal – A representative will come out to the home and evaluate the appraised value of the home in its current condition.

7. Waiting for Clear to Close – All documents are checked before closing

8. Final Walk Through – Walk through the home one more time to ensure everything is as agreed to in purchase and sales agreement.  Then head to closing!

8. Closing - (30-60 days full process) – At closing sign the documents for your new home and obtain your KEYS!!!

Congratulations you are now a New Home Owner!!!